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AntPool APP V3.0.7

Real-Time Hashrate Monitor, Efficient

Workers’Changes, Sub-Account Control.

APP Instructions


APMinerTool V1.0.8

Monitor software for mining farms. Batch monitor and manage miners, scan LAN miners’ IP simultaneously, batch upgrade firmware and restart miners in bulk.

User Guide


AntProxy Windows V1.0.0

This tool solves the problem of low communication efficiency, saves bandwidth and stabilizes the connection.

AntProxy Manual


AntMultiMiner V1.0.0

This tool combines the mining of ETH, ETC and ZEC in one, and supports "Anonymous Mining" and "Sub-Account Mining".

AntMultiMiner Manual


APConnectivity V1.0.0

This tool can help to detect instability and provide logs for further troubleshooting.

APConnectivity Manual


APMinerTool_APP V1.0.0

This APP helps wokers to scan miner, config pool and fixed IP.

APMinerTool Manual